What is eSnips?

eSnips is a site that offers content-sharing services. on this site, registered users can publish and share their data. As much as five GB space is available for each user along with various flexible options that let one decides how one wants to share the data online.

eSnips is a place where you can share a lot of things. You can share your flash files, your videos, your music, your photos, and a number of other media types.  You can create different online folders for different content and set sharing permissions as per your preference. Some of the preferences that are available online include public, group, and private. Features such as esnips download, eSnips favorite, eSnips search are very helpful.

You can browse the profiles of various users and find some very interesting stuff online. It will also help you to network with people having similar interest.

How is eSnips Different From Other Online Social/Sharing Sites?

There are several interesting eSnips features. They include

  • Almost every type of content is available on the site
  • With just one account, you can manage a lot of things. It gives you the option to create different folders for content and then share as per your preference. You can give different level of access permissions to users. The flexibility offered by the site is perhaps the best among other content sharing sites.
  • eSnips help in forming a community of people that have similar minded interests. This help you in getting company of people with whom you can share a lot of things.
  • eSnips download feature offers fast download facilities.
  • eSnips search feature offers for fast and quick search of online items

eSnips site has been designed for people who love to share . You can share almost anything including movies, information about various topics, some nice articles related to your hobbies and things of interest. The more you share online, the more popular you get. You may soon find everyone interested in connecting to you online. 

The site is very easy to use. The features provide help you update your information as soon as you make any updates. The site is for people who love to share and want to have community of likeminded people.

There is something for everyone on the eSnips.

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